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KS2 Rocks, Dinosaurs and Fossils

A panoramic glimpse into everything pre-historic taking students on an exciting geological and palaeontological adventure from the Earth’s primordial beginning.

KS2 Britain – Stone Age to the Iron Age

From the original hunter gathers to early farming communities, ancient technology and coming of the age of metal.

KS2 Ancient Greeks

Covering everything from the warring city states, the birth of democracy and Greek legends to Alexander the Great and Greek culture.

KS2 Mayans

Travel back 1000 years and unearth the undiscovered world of the Mayans.

KS2 Ancient Egyptians

This fun, absorbing and interactive workshop introduces children to the fascinating and enigmatic world of the ancient Egyptians.

KS2 Romans

This engaging and motivating day studies life in Britain under the Pax Romana, the long period of relative peacefulness experienced by the Roman Empire.

KS2 Saxons

Experience Saxon England, from the hierarchy and etiquette of the Lord’s Hall, the language and the story of Beowulf, through to the burial of a Saxon king.

KS2 Vikings

This hugely popular Viking workshop covers everything from home-life to battles, Gods and how to have fun, Viking-style.

KS2 Medieval

This entertaining one-day workshop provides insight into medieval life from 1066 to 1483.

KS2 Tudors

The day starts with a short talk start on how and why the Tudors came to power, the effects of religious turmoil and how the discovery of the New World changed Europe.

KS2 Victorian Workshop

A fascinating and immersive day, where the children are transported back to the late 1880s to experience life in Victorian England.

KS2 World War One

This educational, exciting and moving workshop provides a depth of understanding of the Great War in an impactful, but sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

KS2 World War Two

A captivating workshop that vividly brings World War II to life, using a variety of teaching aids (including a genuine air raid siren!).