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Travel back 1000 years and unearth the undiscovered world of the Mayans.


KS2 MayansFollowing a short introduction to Mayan customs. Pupils will get the chance to participate in a fascinating and immersive range of activities in Mayan society, ranging from Mesoamerica ballgames, ancient rituals and so much more.

Other activities include:

  • Team Bul – A strategic wargame focusing on hunting and defeating your enemy on a board
  • A fun fact finder quiz on the Mayan creation myth, Mayan civilisation and many other topics
  • Artefacts from the time that children can touch and hold.
  • Showing how the Mayans took on aspects of the animals they hunted.
  • Explaining the process of a human sacrifice

After lunch, the children will even get to see one of the only Moatl clubs in the country. A devastating obsidian war club, and its impact damage on a defenceless cabbage.

Rounding off a captivating day, the Mayan civilization comes to an end after the arrival and contact with the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s.

Workshop currently only available in Kent, Surrey, South London, Sussex and Hampshire.


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