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Exciting, immersive and inspiring history workshops for schools

Available from Reception through to KS3, our range of history workshops for schools provide students with an experience designed to stimulate and encourage a love of history. Our team of workshop leaders have a genuine passion for the past, giving students a truly memorable, absorbing and educational experience.

We come to you…

Why worry about expensive coach trips, site entrance fees or extra staff? Let the Portals team bring a unique and educational experience right into your school.

True authenticity

It’s the attention to detail that makes a Portals to the Past workshop so much more engaging. Our time travellers display a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the text book page, and extends to clothing, artefacts, weapons, language and even the way that they act. It is all but impossible not to be drawn in by their infectious enthusiasm!

Amazing props

The Portals team are not only highly experienced educators, but involved in their own field of expertise on many levels, from finding new fossil types, being actively involved in archaeological and historical research and recreation. This gives them access to incredible range of genuine historical artefacts, relics and fossils.