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We don’t just teach the past, we live and breathe it.

If there is one thing that all members of the Portals to the Past team have in a common – it’s a passion for their subject and a desire to instil that passion in the young people they teach.

Living and breathing the past

Our historians aren’t just interested in their given subject – they live and breathe it, spending much of their spare time taking part in re-enactments or learning more about their chosen period.

That’s why we call them our time travellers.

To name but a few:

Ian and Mark, for instance, speak Old English, while 1940s enthusiasts, Richard and Beverley, can be found at wartime gatherings most weekends.
Graham’s passion for all-things palaeontological has led him to unearth at least two scientifically important fossils, meanwhile Martin spends his time off volunteering as a Roman soldier and drill instructor at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Teachers with passion inspire students

In fact, our people love history so much, they just can’t stop talking about it. That’s why they teach.

It our strongly held belief that teachers who have a passion for their subject will inspire their students. Through this enthusiasm students become interested and even excited about what they are learning. It is this passion that makes students decide to study more and go and find out things for themselves.

Lessons to remember

Our aim is to make this happen with every engagement.

We want our lessons to be the ones that children remember for years after; the lessons they tell their parents about; the lessons that ignite a passion in others. We realise as teachers we can directly influence the development of young people. It’s a big responsibility but one we gladly take on because we have no choice. We have a calling to share our passion.


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