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Ian Weston

Ian Weston is a member of Britannia and Wulfheodenas. He is passionate about archaeology and history and has been involved in several archaeological digs. He conducts research into the early medieval period and is at present learning to speak Old English.

Ian has appeared in many TV documentaries and films, including Robin Hood, Gladiators, Horrible Histories and the History Channel. He is one of the founder members of Portals to the Past.

Richard and Beverley Bowring

Richard and Beverley Bowring are 1940’s enthusiasts and spend most weekends portraying this fascinating period at events around Britain. They have both worked in education, Richard as a lecturer in Graphic design and Beverly as a teaching assistant.

Mark Halls

Mark Halls is a member of Britannia and Wulfheodenas. He is also an amateur archaeologist and historian. One of his hobbies is metal detecting around the area he lives and he has found and recorded many beautiful artefacts.

Mark also lectures at clubs and groups. He has taken part in films such as Faintheart and the 2010 film Robin Hood. Currently he is studying Old English.

Stuart Davies

Stuart has been participating in re-enactments for several years. He is a member of Britannia and of Wulfheodenas. Stuart Davies works regularly for Birmingham Museum, and Stoke Potteries Museum.

Stuart was recently featured on Channel 4’s documentary “Saxon Gold: Finding the hoard” about the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard.

Graham Woollard

Graham Woollard is a well-known and respected figure in the fields of geology, fossil curation and paleozoology, and has an infectious enthusiasm for all things prehistoric. He has been presenting Earth Science workshops to schools since 1990.

Graham has contributed to the collections of many leading British museums and has two particularly important discoveries to his name. The first, an ancient sea crocodile named Metriorynchus, is now kept at the Natural History Museum in London. The second was a previously unknown aphid, now named “Penaphis Woollardii” in Graham’s honour.

Steve and Sally Harrington

Having taken early retirement from a successful teaching career that included History, Geography, French, RE, Citizenship, and Classical Civilisation. Steve joined Portals to the Past in January 2013, where he and his wife provide several KS2 workshops, including the popular Myths and Legends.

Steve is also an Associate Lecturer with the Open University and a GTP Tutor Assessor for STTP and Christ Church Canterbury University.

Lauren Worrall

Lauren has been involved in re-enactment for many years as an active “combatant” member of Regia Anglorum and has also participated in many historical film works.

She has an excellent knowledge of both domestic and military aspects of a range of historical periods. Lauren has a degree in psychology with a focus on the development and education of children, which she combines with an infectious enthusiasm for history and drama to provide an interactive and exciting day for the children.

Mike Everest

With a passion for conflict-related history, Mike has been re-enacting with Regia Anglorum for many years, covering the early medieval period and the Great War.

He is a natural showman with a voice that brings stories to life; feeding off the audience and leaving students breathless with excitement.

Ian Morris

Ian Morris has been a re-enactor for over 25 years and a lover of all things historical for much longer…

He is a founder member of the Knights of Longshanks, and member of The Batavians and the Hoplite Association. Ian has been on several TV documentaries, and also brewed some authentic ‘Roman Beer’ for an episode of Time Team. A natural frontman and showman, Ian passionately brings history back to life.

Lauren Quiney

As a qualified teacher, Lauren is a passionate educator and engaging storyteller. She has many years experience working with children of all ages in schools and museums across the country. Lauren is a member of re-enactment society Regia Anglorum, keen to continually expand her understanding of what it was like to live many years ago.

She enjoys experimenting with ancient crafts learning to recreate items from materials of the time. Lauren loves to inspire awe and wonder in her students, whether it’s through reenacting famous battles or learning strange and curious mythology, the children are sure to have a day to remember!

Martin Newman

Martin has been a re-enactor for many years, with over a decade’s experience in Dark Age and Roman Britain societies. A keen student of history, he has given talks for various groups and societies, and has led several teams of young historians on cultural exchanges in throughout central Europe.

He is currently affiliated with Fishbourne Roman Palace, where he works voluntarily as a Roman soldier and drill instructor, and is also an active member of the Vikings, Regia Angloram, Brodyr Baedwen and Vicus reenactment groups.

Russ Spicer

Russ started re-enacting in 1989 with the Hounds of the Morrigan in Basingstoke. He has since become a member of the Knights of Longshanks and Gods Company of Tabor (Hussites), giving regular arms and armour talks.

Russ was an extra in the History Channel programme “In search of King Arthur”, where he played a monk, Roman Soldier and a dead Saxon. He also featured in the Damien Lewis film “The Baker”, and S4C’s “The Big Cheese” in Caerphilly.

Jack Morris

Jack is a fully qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years’ experience teaching children across the country.
As a passionate historian, Jack enjoys exploring crafts of our ancestors and experimenting how primitive tools were made. He has experimented with early materials such as flint, bone and antler to make an array of tools based on archaeological finds from our ancient world.

Jack is a member of re-enactment society Regia Angloram, one of the country’s leading Saxon/Viking re-enactments groups, learning the ways of ancient combat and ready to turn your class into battle-hardened warriors!

Gary Langford

Gary’s professional life has been rich and varied, including working at a museum as a planetarium lecturer, running history sessions for children, team leader for the Princes Trust and a teenage drugs worker for the Children’s Society.

His interests include bushcraft and survival, drumming, travel and the study of tribal culture, religion, travel.

Dominic Russell

Dom Russell is a professional historian and a member of the Historical Association. For the Historical Association he has provided workshops about the Roman Occupation of Britain. He specialised in British History with a particular interest in change and development.

His degree was Imperialism and since then has learnt Latin and is working (slowly) on biblical Greek. Other interests include the Tolkien Society for whom he has lectured in Oxford.

Dan Shadrake

Dan Shadrake founded the award-winning re-enactment society Britannia in 1990. A seasoned battle re-enactor he has concentrated on researching many aspects of ancient life and warfare, from clothing, medicine, transport, diet and military equipment.

Dan worked as one of the advisors on the film Gladiator, and appeared in the opening battle scene. Britannia members have also appeared in Robin Hood, First Knight, Blackadder, Faintheart, Centurion, The Eagle and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. TV credits include Horrible Histories, Blue Peter and New Tricks.

Carl Mitchley

Carl Mitchley is a member of the 10th Essex WW1 Living History group and has been reenacting for over 10 years. A former soldier and keen amateur historian, he has an interest in both the ancient world and modern warfare, especially uniforms, equipment and tactics through the ages.

Carl loves experimental archaeology and spends a lot of his spare time visiting battlefields and memorials all over Europe. He is no stranger to TV work either, whether it’s films, documentaries, news or live broadcasts he has worked on the likes of Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful and Downton Abbey amongst others.

Gayle Copper

Gayle Copper has been a reenactor of many time periods, mainly early medieval, for almost 30 years.
Most recently with Regia Anglorum and The Seven Dials Rapscallions travelling around the country entertaining and educating members of the general public.

Gayle is a trained coach in archery and firearms and has trained with the Territorial Army.

She is passionate about history and enjoys bringing it to life.

Stuart Makins

Stuart is an avid fan on history and has been re-enacting for over 10 years covering periods from Anglo-Saxon all the way through to the First World War. Stuart is also a trained blacksmith, specialising in making historical replicas, his favourite thing to make is Viking and Saxon swords.

He has made work and run workshops at museums including the Royal Armouries in Leeds and the Oxford Museum Service, most notably for the Warrior Treasures: Saxon Gold Exhibition at the Armouries.