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We often like to brag a little about how our historians have been featured in the likes of ‘Horrible Histories’ and ‘Blue Peter’ throughout the years…

We’re now delighted to announce that our historian, Dan Shadrake, has worked on the highly anticipated documentary ‘Hannibal’s Elephant Army,’ airing this Sunday on Channel 4.

Dan leant his historical expertise to the show, providing Carthaginian and Roman props to illustrate Hannibal’s campaigns. These props and costumes are somewhat difficult to find in the UK, as most people choose to depict the Imperial Roman army as it’s more relevant to Britain’s history. However, in his school workshops; Dan talks about the Roman army from its beginnings to the late Empire, so thankfully had a perfect selection of kit to use that was relevant.

“I didn’t provide the elephants though… I don’t have a big enough van!”


The documentary will be shown on Channel 4 at 8pm this Sunday. Don’t miss it!


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