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Teachers thrive on new ideas in order to keep their lessons fresh and engaging. We think the Pinterest website is a great resource of such ideas – with onward links to many helpful websites to inspire you.

Here are ten great lesson ideas and teacher’s tips gleaned from Pinterest:

1. Spelling Jenga

We love this idea of sticking maths sums to Jenga bricks – so that players must get the sum right as well as removing the brick successfully. It’s a great way of helping children to practice their calculations while having fun.


2. Story structure checklist

All stories need a structure, so this wall chart checklist will come in handy for budding writers. We love how the headings are worded in such a way that the writer cannot fail but to produce an interesting story with twists and turns.


3. Parts of speech sticks

This is a great way of getting kids up and about, and learning about different parts of speech.

Give each child three to five sticks with words written on them, and ask them to work with other class members to clarify which parts of speech they have in their hand.

4. A flower clock

To help children learn how to tell the time, fashion post-it notes into petal shapes and stick them around the clock face to help them understand how the minute hand works.


5. First day beach ball

The first day at school can be a bit nerve-wracking for some, so why not try this simple but effective beach ball game? Write a question on each section of the beach ball, such as:


  • Where were you born?
  • Tell us about all of the people and pets that you live with.
  • What is your favourite meal?

The children play throw and catch, and the person who catches the beach ball must answer the question they find their thumb on.

6. Handy angles

This easy, portable way of getting children to remember the degrees in certain angles could come in, err, handy.


7. Register stones

Why not have some fun at self-registration by asking children to choose their favourite stone and write their name on it. Each morning when they come in they can move the stone from the out basket to the in one.


8. Paint tidy

We love playing with paint but it can get everywhere if you are not careful. Why not keep your painting area manageable by repurposing hand wash dispensers and the like


9. Creative height chart

Height charts are a great starting place for learning. Children can learn how tall they are in comparison to exotic animals before, for example, learning foreign language terms for the beasts. How about combining a maths measuring activity with a lesson writing a silly poem about animals and how tall they are?

10. Learning bones

Make anatomy-learning interactive by asking children to trace skeleton parts onto card. You can cut the parts out for them before they fasten the parts with some split pins.

Alternatively, get groups to work on a life-sized skeleton to hang in the class.


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