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We know only too well the pressures hard-working teachers are under and the hours they dedicate to ensuring their pupils get the best education possible. But just how much work do teachers put in? 

We took a look at the most recent Teacher Workload Survey – published by the Department of Education last year – which took in statistics and opinions of teachers from 899 schools across England.

Here are some of the key findings:

Working hours

1. Classroom teachers said they worked an average of 54.4 hours per week. Primary classroom teachers said they worked 55.5 hours while teachers in secondary schools reported a 53.5 hour-week.

2. In total, classroom teachers spent an average of 21.6 hours teaching – around 40% of the self-reported total hours spent working.

Non-teaching tasks

3. Classroom teachers and middle leaders in both primary and secondary schools spent an average of 33 hours on non-teaching tasks.

4. About half of this time was spent on two activities: individual planning or preparation of lessons either at school or out-of-school, and marking/correcting of pupils’ work.

Attitudes towards workload

5. The majority (93%) of respondents stated that workload in their school was at least a fairly serious problem; just over half of those surveyed (52%) cited workload as a very serious problem.

6. Over three-quarters of staff said they were dissatisfied with the number of hours they usually worked. Most staff disagreed that they can complete their workload in their contracted hours, have an acceptable workload and that they can achieve a good balance between their work and private life.

Can Portals To The Past make your life that little bit easier?

As well as leaving children buzzing from a day at school they will never forget, the Portals to the Past approach is designed to take as much stress as possible away from busy teachers.

Our time travellers typically visit over 1,700 schools in a year, meaning our workshops are honed for key history subjects on the curriculum for all age groups from Reception through to classes in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Teachers can rest assured that our historians will deliver learning that is relevant to their teaching plans while also instilling a passion and curiosity that will be evident in future classes long after we have left.


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