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Dinosaur workshops for primary schools

After all… who isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs?

Let us take your children back to the Jurassic period, the time of the dinosaurs. This exciting and action-packed workshop will bring out the hidden palaeontologist in your pupils, giving them a chance to get hands-on with a vast collection of scale model dinosaurs and real fossils.

Areas covered in this interactive workshop include:

What is a fossil?

From bones to stones… how did this happen? A practical demonstration on the formation of fossils, and a chance to get hands-on with genuine fossil dinosaur bones.

The different types of fossils.

Pupils partake in a fossil hunt and discover and leanr to identify the many fossil types.

What is a dinosaur?

The flying Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs! Why not? Stare into the face of the ferocious Velociraptor and the fearsome T-Rex. Discover some amazing dinosaur facts, including why dinosaur poo is treasure to a palaeontologist.

Where did all the dinosaurs go?

Catastrophic impact, super volcano… or a sniffy cold?

Today’s living dinosaurs.

Who’s afraid of the chicken?

Fossils & Darwin (option)

Learn about the pivotal role that fossils played as Darwin developed his revolutionary ideas on evolution.

Workshop Detail

The workshop is 1hr 15mins long per class, with a minimum booking of two classes and a maximum of four classes per day.

This workshop requires a large ground-floor display area such as an assembly hall, with easy access and off-road parking. Many exhibits are large and require specialist handling, which entails a long set-up period.

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